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Karate for Kids: 5 reasons why your child should try martial arts

Have you ever thought about signing up your kids for a martial arts class? From karate and taekwondo, to jiu jitsu and kung fu, there are so many different types of martial arts classes available.

Though exercise is one of the main reasons many parents find martial arts so appealing for their children, the sport is beneficial in so many other ways.

  1. Martial arts will help build your child’s stamina, strength, and speed. After just a few weeks, you’ll start to notice their reflexes getting faster and their muscles stronger as they learn to block, kick and punch. With more and more practice, your little ones will gain core strength and develop balance — which is essential when learning to perfect technique.

  2. Martial arts sessions build confidence. Martial arts is all about overcoming difficult obstacles and finding balance in yourself, which are great lessons your child can carry for the rest of their life.

  3. Martial arts instructors teach kids how to resolve conflicts (for example with bullies) in peaceful ways, teaching them to use their skills to deflect potential harm and others in a responsible manner. Talking down opponents in a confident way is always the first step.

  4. Martial arts classes require dedication, focus, and concentration due to the number of increasingly-difficult patterns students need to memorise and perform, and as such, they are a great aid to learning as your child gets older.

  5. Learning martial arts takes discipline, time and practice. Though the payoff won’t be immediate, if you allow your child to stick with it, you’ll see the rewards of a well-balanced, motivated, more confident child.

So if you're looking to get your kids into karate or other martial arts in Exeter, try Exeter Self Defence Academy.

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Karate for Kids Exeter Devon

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