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Women’s self- defence has become big business, and while it’s great that women everywhere are taking additional measures to protect themselves there is concern that the emphasis has shifted from a realistic and effective approach to women’s self-defence to one that focuses on gimmicks and marketing.

At Exeter Self Defence Academy the ethos is built around 2 tenants; realism and effectiveness. That cool spinning kick your traditional Martial Arts school told you would work on the street? It wont. That strangle defence you watched on Youtube, that ended with you running from away from your attacker whilst he stood there scratching his head and wondering what magic trick you had just pulled? That wont work either.

Violence is ugly and chaotic. What you will learn at Exeter Self Defence Academy is taught with that in mind. For that reason our approach focuses on principles rather than stringent, ‘right or wrong’ techniques. Together we will build a pathway to disengage, control and neutralise an assailant that is simple and transferable. Trying to remember complex step-by-step instructions in the chaos of an attack, when instinct and adrenaline have taken over, is likely to cause more harm than good.

Our goal is to empower women, not instil a false sense of confidence that is only exposed when it’s too late. Yes, it’s good exercise. Yes, it’s good fun. But our emphasis is, unashamedly, ‘realism and effectiveness’.

Invest in yourself, and book your class today!

Course Content

This course is a unique opportunity for you and you loved ones (daughters, mothers, sisters, wives) to learn how to identify potential risks and how to defend yourself. This is a skill that cannot be overstated, and could save your life. 

All techniques have simplicity and practically in mind. No Hollywood choreography, only the reality of violence.

The course will be divided into 4 modules:

  • Grip Breaks and breakaway techniques

  • Defensive strikes and striking defence

  • Escapes from pins 

  • Knife awareness and defence


We are running this course at a wonderful venue, Castle Street Bar.

Location: Castle Street Bar, Small Castle Street, EX4 3PX 


This course needs to be pre-booked in advance.

Course price - £60 for 4 weeks

EARLY BIRD DEAL: 15 % off, enter promo code SEPTLADIES at the checkout - VALID ONLY UNTIL 30 JUN 2024

We are offering a special rate for Mothers and Daughters coming to train together - £100



Sunday - 7 pm - Registration Closed, Start Feb 11 - March 3, 2024

Sunday - 7 pm - Registration Open, Start Sept 8 - Sept 29, 2024

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