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Why I am hesitant to take self-defence classes for women?

There can be various reasons why some women may feel hesitant or afraid to take self-defense classes. It's important to note that not all women feel this way, as many do actively participate in self-defense training. However, for those who may be reluctant, here are some potential factors that could contribute to their concerns:

  1. Safety concerns: Some women may worry about the physical nature of self-defense classes and fear getting injured during training. The fear of exacerbating an existing injury or developing new ones can deter them from participating.

  2. Lack of confidence: Some women may feel that they lack the physical strength or ability to effectively defend themselves. This can lead to self-doubt and discourage them from pursuing self-defence training.

  3. Emotional discomfort: Engaging in self-defence training often involves simulating real-life scenarios that can be emotionally challenging. Acting out physical attacks or discussing personal experiences of violence may be distressing for some individuals.

  4. Social conditioning: Societal expectations and traditional gender roles can influence women's perceptions and beliefs about self-defence. Cultural norms that promote passivity or discourage assertiveness may contribute to a reluctance to engage in self-defence training.

  5. Fear of judgment: Women may worry about being judged or stigmatized for expressing an interest in self-defence. They may fear being perceived as paranoid or overly cautious, which could discourage them from seeking out training opportunities.

  6. Cost and accessibility: The availability and affordability of self-defence classes can also be a factor. If classes are scarce or financially burdensome, some women may find it challenging to access the training they desire.

In Exeter Self-defence Academy we understand that it's important to address these concerns and create supportive environments that encourage women to engage in self-defence training. We aim at empowering women through education, fostering inclusive spaces, and emphasising the benefits of self-defence that can help alleviate these fears and increase participation. Talk to us about your concerns, and rest assured that you will be heard!

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