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Exeter Self-defence Online Store

The moment a student begins the martial arts journey with Exeter Self-Defence Academy, they will receive a club T-shirt (uniform) a belt, boxing gloves (it’s very important for hygiene that students have their own gloves!) a personalised, club- logo kit bag and a branded water bottle.


Receiving a uniform is a special moment. It sets the foundation for a students Martial Arts journey. Uniforms are well known to provide many benefits to both the individual students and the club at large. Here are just a few:

  •  It promotes a sense of belonging, membership and above all, a sense of identity among the students

  •  It fosters a sense of pride and empowerment

  •  It sets boundaries and helps participants see the class as a working

  • environment

  •  It gives a sense of community, confidence, respect and discipline – which are the core values of our club


Exeter Self Defence Academy’s “uniform” is comfortable, breathable and durable. It also looks VERY cool, in our opinion!
It is also personalized (name of each student) and has the club logo on it.

Instructors uniforms

Starter Packs - received upon enrolment

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