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Is your child nervous about starting Martial Arts?

Did you know that in Japan, judo classes are included in the school curriculum to build certain values and provide moral education?

Child psychologists support encourage martial arts for children as they have been proven to help build self-esteem and make kids more sociable.

Many parents who come to our classes want their children to be capable of defending themselves should they need to.

I, as a coach, believe that in doing so other, equally important life skills can be developed; building confidence, maintaining health and fitness, learning respect, discipline and leadership qualities.

Acquiring the courage and skills to act appropriately when threatened come with time, commitment and repetition, as with every new session the child practises these skills. However, the philosophy of martial arts is such; "The best fight is the one from which you could emerge victorious without using your fists."

How does it work? It’s simple. In the process of training, the child gains self-confidence, becomes more socialised, concentrated. That confidence means that the child carries themself in a different manner. Not as a victim, but as someone empowered.

Let’s assume that your child could benefit from more confidence and self-esteem. How could you encourage them to take their first steps in Martial Arts? Shy children tend to feel anxious in a new environment surrounded by other children they don’t know. Add to this anxieties over stepping onto the mats for the first time in boxing gloves to hit pads or to wrestle with a stranger. The apprehension can be a little much, and no one enjoys throwing their child in at the deep end. It would also be a shame for them to walk away from Martial Arts and ll the benefits that it provides.

We have a few tips for that we’ve found effective in encourage your child into the fun;

First of all, before training, you can show them a few videos from our Facebook page so they can see how other children are having fun. We have plenty of them on our Exeter self-defence Academy FB page.

If you made it to training but your child is still apprehensive;

You can explain that they are under no pressure to join in straight away. They can just sit and watch a session and join in at any point in time! Very often when we offer to put the boxing gloves on, their eyes light up!

Another way of making your child engage is…to jump in yourself! You are the best example for your child, see it as a family occasion. Most of the time in 5 minutes they’ll forget you are even there! They just need this first big step!

If your child is anxious around other children, you can ask their sibling or a friend to join the first session. Doesn’t matter what age they are, as long as they trust each other.

At Exeter Self-Defence we have a very family oriented, friendly atmosphere. Groups are small, so the coach has enough time to pay attention to everyone.

We also appreciate that your child might not feel 100% confident after the first lesson, so we offer 2 trial sessions before any commitment.

If you think that your child could benefit from Martial Arts, leave us an inquiry. We offer lessons for all children over 4 years old.

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