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Interview with Devon Live: how to address bullying

Recently I have given an interview to Devon Live on how bullying at school can affect our lives.

After this interview I have received plenty of emails , phone calls and facebook messages. Some people were just saying how they suffered from bullying when they were kids, some asked to help their teenagers. It's devastating that we live in the age when kids are so cruel to each other. My goal is to help them to overcome this challenge by fighting back without turning into bullies themselves.

This is just a tiny bit of it, the full interview can be found on

“I had mild problems with bullying when I was younger and martial arts played a huge role in developing my confidence, so I thought self defence classes for children would be a really worthwhile thing to do to help kids that are having a hard time.”

Although bullying is sadly far from a new modern day problem, Lewis says he thinks things have become much harder for today's children.

He said: “I don’t think kids being cruel is anything new, but I definitely think there is a new more toxic atmosphere now than there used to be.

“There seems to be lots of incidents of kids jumping each other when they are not expecting it, such as punching someone in the head from behind.

“Some of the conversations I have had with parents about what their children are going through have been quite shocking and upsetting which is hard to hear. It makes me more determined though that I’m doing something that is of value.”

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